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SEO servicesThe “raison d’étre” for any website is, of course, web traffic. It was built so that other people can go in and absorb the information it contains, or see the products or services you’re selling, or just to reinforce your brand. Unfortunately web traffic does not happen just because we have a website. In many cases we need to work hard for it, and we need to actively promote it.

One of the most important ways you can promote your website is through SEO – Search Engine Optimization. It makes your site relevant for search queries and builds up your site’s authority, so that when people search for something related to your field of interest, they can find you in search results.

More and more people are growing aware of the need to SEO-optimize their websites, but few people can do it themselves. SEO is a complex thing that you need to study and practice for a long while before you can say you are 100% you are doing it right.

This is where we come in

We offer full SEO services for any kind of website, big and small. We’ve increased search engine visibility for many sites around the world, from small, local business sites to corporate websites belonging to multinational companies. From simple blogs made for fun to complex online stores.

The 3 Pillars of SEO

A good SEO campaign is comprised of three important stages that you can’t skip. We cover all of them in full:

In order to understand which key words and phrases to target for optimization, we will have to do some thorough research first. Too often the effort for optimizing a website is spent on keywords that are just not worth it.

We’ll find all of the keywords in your niche that people are searching for (and for which people are currently finding your competitors’ websites) and that are worth optimizing for (depending on how competitive they are). We’re also looking at user intent, location and many other important factors to determine which keywords are right for you, and which ones aren’t.

Then, with your input, we will agree on a final list of keywords to target.

After we have our keywords we can define our objectives for the SEO project – we can make some estimations of organic search traffic, sales, etc and define milestones for our internet marketing journey.

With all keywords and objectives defined, it’s time to optimize the website. Both from the technical point of view  and from the aspect of the content used.

They go hand in hand: technical SEO issues often can ruin the rankings of websites despite their valuable content, and, likewise, poorly conceived and poorly placed content will get a website nowhere even if it’s in top shape from a technical standpoint.

Learn more about our on-page SEO approach in our SEO Audit page.

It’s worth noting that on-page SEO should not be just a one-time thing. It involves constant work because websites tend to deprecate in time (bad URLs, broken images, outdated content, etc), but also because if you want to stay on top you need to constantly experiment with new elements and new ideas, to see what works best for search engines. Otherwise the competition is sure to find that sweet spot of relevancy and user experience that will outrank you and start pushing your website down in search results.

Now that we’ve got our keywords right, and we’ve made sure the website is correctly optimized and is in top shape to receive visitors, you might think that the hard part is behind us –  you’re wrong.

It is actually just beginning. Why? Because in this day and age there are billions of websites out there and many of them have also been optimized pretty well. And your site is competing against them for search engine rankings. 

What do search engines do when more than one site is relevant for a certain keyword?

They look at the sites’ authority. Whichever website is the most authoritative and trustworthy gets to rank on top.

This is where off-page SEO comes in: it’s an effort to build a website’s trust and authority for search engines using link building, mentions and citations. The more websites talk about your website, the more authority and trust your website receives. 

But this is not something to be trifled with, because if you just throw random links at a site you’re on your way toward disaster: websites can be penalized if they’re getting too many weird, unnatural or spammy links. 

This part is the most time consuming, but also the most rewarding of all. It involves a lot of work and it spreads over a longer time span (when done right). 

Our SEO Services

Technical SEO Audit

A full analysis of the technical issues that might affect your website's performance and SEO rankings.

On-page SEO

This includes the technical SEO audit, and adds optimization services of all of your site's content for your target keywords.

Link Building

We call it link building but this package also includes citations, mentions, etc. This is essential to make sure that the full potential of your on-page SEO activities is reached.

Full SEO Service

Here we have everything, starting from keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, reporting, etc. It's what usually works best for our clients.

NOTE: Combining SEO with PPC is one of the best ways to promote a website. Blue Dot Marketing also has professional PPC services to offer.

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