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Throw the Full Weight of PPC Advertising Behind Your Website

PPC ServicesPPC advertising often makes the difference between good business and no business, and Blue Dot Marketing is here to help you harness the awesome power of this marketing channel.

We can create new campaigns from scratch, and we can optimize existing campaigns. We are experts in keyword research, as this is often the first step that needs to be taken when building a PPC campaign, if you want to do it right. But we also know the ins and outs of ad creation, target audience selection, quality score improvement, campaign maintenance and optimization and all of the other factors that influence the success of a PPC advertising campaign.

PPC advertising is available on many platforms today, and we cover most of them. Our most solicited platforms are Google Ads and Facebook Ads, but we’re don’t like to limit ourselves: we also do Amazon Advertising, LinkedIn Advertising, Bing Ads, Waze Ads and more.

Things Our Clients Like About Us

Lower Advertising Costs

By optimizing your campaigns we can get the same amount of qualified traffic for lower cost, or more traffic and sales for the same cost, depending on your approach.

More Leads and Sales

The ultimate goal for a sales-oriented campaign is to get people to buy your products. Our clients are seeing significant improvement in this area since they started working with us.

Better Clickthrough Rates

We know how to write ads and we know who to show them to, as well as when and how. Sounds trivial to an untrained ear, but these things are essential.

Transparency and Reliability

We are always there for our clients whenever they have any questions or concerns. We know that the way you communicate can make or break a relationship and we put special emphasis on this aspect in our work.

NOTE: Combining PPC with SEO is one of the best ways to promote a website. Blue Dot Marketing also has professional SEO services to offer.

Main Services Included in Our PPC Packages

This applies more to some platforms (like Goolge and Bing), and less on others (like Facebook).

We’re not “haters” but we do not appreciate campaigns that have been started without any prior attention given to the building blocks of PPC: the keywords. The difference between starting from a good batch of initial keywords and just throwing some random words in a campaign can be the difference between success and failure of your website or product.

So we pay special attention to keywords, making sure we grab the ones that bring you the best chance of getting conversions. We look at search intent, stages of a buyer’s digital journey, long tail vs short tail keywords, localization and much more before deciding if we are going to include a keyword in a campaign or not.

Our advertisers can build any campaign from scratch, whatever type it might be:

  • Search campaigns – ads in search engine results.
  • Display campaigns –  image and text ads on websites that are part of the gynormous Google Display Network.
  • Branding campaigns – showing ads to well defined audiences on multiple platforms for the purpose of making your brand known.
  • Remarketing campaigns – following up on previous visitors of your website to get them back. These campaigns usually have high rates of conversion because the target audience already knows your brand.
  • Video advertising campaigns – can be done on multiple platforms and is really useful for getting your brand or product known
  • ..and many more

We know how to best create the ad copy and other content assets for all of these types of campaigns, as over the years we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. We also are very good at structuring campaigns to maximize its chances to produce results.

Some people would think that if they can just get a specialist to build a PPC campaign for them, they can then take over and just stand there and reap the rewards. 

Unfortunately the concept of “set and forget” can never be applied to PPC campaigns. You always have to check your ad performance, be aware of what the competition is up to, see if new keywords should be added or excluded, experiment with demographics and devices, and so much more.

If a campaign is not properly managed and curated on a regular basis, it runs the risk of becoming a liability for the owner’s investment. And at one point it becomes unprofitable, because the competition gets ahead and clicks start costing more and more while the ads keep being pushed out of your target audience’s sight.

There’s no proper service without proper reporting. At Blue Dot Marketing we send custom reports in a recurrent fashion, with the frequency and contents of these reports being decided together with the client.

We are always available to discuss the results and metrics shown in these reports, so that there are never misunderstandings on where we are and where we’re going.

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